Our paper business cards

Our business cards provide top quality, creativity and unique materialsf. We only offer highest quality paper which is thicker, more durable and often coated with special foils.


We design these cards to maximize the use of most innovative techniques such as embossing, special foil, UV printing as well as hot stamping.


A process which uses a specially made matrix form that mechanically hits the paper at high pressure leaving a visible graphic and/or text on the paper’s surface.


An embossed logo always adds exclusivity and elegance to your business card.

Foil coating

One of the basic methods that adds elegance to a business card is foil coating. It preserves the print from dirt or water. The business card is coated with a very thin layer of foil with the use of moisture and heat.


This method adds elegance, firmness and an exclusive look to the whole card.

UV Printing

Another method that adds elegance to business cards is UV coloring. UV coloring are the best quality colors you can achieve on paper. A business card can be UV printed in whole or in part.


We can achieve very unique designs and compositions by using UV. Colors are very vibrant and seem alive. By running your finger across UV print, you can feel it’s texture.

Hot stamping

This technique is also called a thermos print. By using this technique, we can achieve unique results not available by other means.


This technique works by printing a special foil and a custom made matrix which fuse the foil with paper, creating a graphic or visible text. There are many colors available including silver and gold.

Embossing by Hand

This is one of the oldest techniques beginning at 15th century when Johannes Gutenberg invented the font. This technique was widely used then and it was the major method of information distributing around he world until offset printing was invented in the 20th century.


A unique and one of a kind effect, manually embossed business cards can be achieved thanks to precision handcrafting. It is a substantially different technique from hot-stamping or offset printing.


Many years of our experience allow us to utilize this technologies full potential, materials as well as designs. We use variety of unique shapes and templates for business cards.


We use the highest quality papers such as rice paper, bamboo paper or cotton paper. Cotton paper is preferred thanks to its rich colors and ideal behavior under the press.