Your Premium Cards | Transparent PVC Business Cards
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Transparent PVC Plastic

Transparent PVC Cards

We select very unique plastic polymers for the production of our transparent business cards. This allows some light rays to pass through the plastic, although it doesn’t make it completely transparent which gives the card a nice frosted look.


The selection of the material and a special production process allows us to create very interesting and unique designs. This process also allows us to create watermarks and apply very exquisite backgrounds.


For multi-color cards, each layer is applied individually by hand. This allows us to achieve the most amount of detail in each layer.

We also offer a considerable selection of different metallic foils that allow us to achieve unique stylish designs.

Handmade craftsmanship

  • Each color is applied to the plastic at the temperature of 400°F as well as under a great deal of pressure in order to achieve the best adherence to the surface.


  • Each color is applied individually during a separate process


  • We often apply a clear coat to a finished card for protection. This also gives it a nicer appearance and makes it more transparent.

Edge to edge graphics

Many of our competitors automate the production process of the cards. The automation process often does not allow graphics to be extending to the very edge of the card which creates a bleed effect.


However, our company chose a different more traditional production process and we are proud of it. Each card is manually processed which allows us to offer many cool solutions which are unavailable elsewhere.

Beautiful metallic colors

For the production of our cards, we use the highest quality of regular colorants. However, we also use very special metallic colorants.


The metallic colors stand out more as their tones and are much more vibrant. They also reflect light and give the color a glossy appearance. The most popular metallic colors are gold and silver. Our silver metallic is so intense that it takes on the appearance of chrome.

Our free “My business card” Visual service

If you already have a business card designed and can send it to us, we will gladly convert it to match the design requirements for our business cards. We can even add or modify your design as needed.


The result will be a nice 3D visual of how your design will look!

QR Codes

We can generate and add a QR code to your business cards. They are easily scanned and readable by many mobile devices. The most common information in these codes is your website, email or contact information.

Printing on the “opposite” side of the card

The nature of the business card is that the graphics can be applied to both the front as well as the back. We can even use several cool tricks to apply double sided graphics for transparent business cards.